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Project Brutality Hud Mods

The standard Doom mod is a solo experience. It is a game of constant gunfights and brutal, trench-like corridors. You can take down only one enemy at a time, and its fun to rush enemies and take them out one at a time. But Project Brutality, and this is also true of Alis Brutal Doom, adds a range of social interactions which put players in situations they wouldnt face in a standard Doom game.

With Alis project Brutalitys Permadeath mode, theres a lot more to do in the game, and its fun to get in the middle of groups of enemies- and you can see their tactics, like the DemonSteele, where you can be attacked from the back, or they can surround you and attack you with all guns pointed- or they can surprise you from behind. You gain experience for killing enemies, finding pickups, and discovering secrets. There are also a lot of ways to pick them off before they kill you, from switching to better weapons and using your gadgets, to strafing through them and using a rocket for cover. You can dodge enemy bullets or throw grenades to take them out; repair your armour or inventory; use different distance to travel to sneak up on enemies; take hostages, use a cheap trick to bait them into attacking, or help them without getting killed; or rush them for a quick melee kill.

For example, you can fling away your current shotgun, switch to your plasma pistol, and then run up and help a bound enemy to surprise them. Or, with Project Brutalitys Black Magic system, you can use teleportation powers to create jumpscapes or to phase, double jump, dash, or teleport a short distance. This lets you explore areas that are difficult to reach. Just like the Black Metal, the game makes you study the map more carefully than ever before, and lets you rewind time to find secrets or invent your own shortcuts.

Project Brutality is on Github and the page provides links to all of the hud mods for it and for the GZDoom remake. Project Brutality has moved on to support the latest version of GZDoom, GZDoom2, which has been updated to work with GZDoom 1.3. (Older mods will not work with it.) There is also a forum, which is sadly lacking in activity, but does provide a good archive of the project history. You are also free to experiment and find your own alternatives to the mods that work best for you. There are plenty of mods for both the project and the GZDoom remake that can be used in addition or as replacements for these mods. And last, but surely not least, I am sure many of you dont want to be reminded of a project you say you want to forget. For any of those who have been commenting on the project for months, if not years, this game is still a bit of a bugbear, however I can totally understand. I used to feel the same way. I think the major problem with Brutal Doom is that it had some genuinely good ideas in its original conception, but those ideas were poorly implemented. In fact, the issues with implementation may even have contributed to the project becoming such an albatross around my neck. A few Mods in this library have some peculiar quirks. If you take a look at the GitHub page they are coming from an abandonware FPS remake of Project Brutality titled Project Brutality HD that was released in 2014. Its been inactive for a while now and seems to have been removed from all mirrors. The last activity was in April 2017. You probably wont find a download link. But to give you an idea of how the whole project panned out, you can see a series of pages under the L4D2 zipline menu Here are a few of my favorite mods in this family, or the mods they influenced: 5ec8ef588b