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HLDS Exploit 1.7.rar

Routes Exploit 1.7 allows you to use external website to download files from your destination server. This is a very useful URL shortener, multiple external domain redirector and arbitrary remote script execution tool.

The National Security Agency gave Andrew Weisz a private tour of the facility that has stored the NSA’s vast phone call and Internet records. The call logs include the content of communications and a time stamp for each call. An initial version of the exploit based on this vulnerability has been released and was uploaded to Virus Total.

Seyam, as used by the FBI for special operations, is reportedly using an even more advanced version of the program that can crack all of the previous versions of the exploit as well. Sysinternals, after the discovery of this vulnerability, has announced a new version of their product called Process Exploitation Toolkit that will include an updated version of Seyam.

New versions of PoC tools and the ongoing exploits allow us to collect some details about the underlying exploitation mechanism. In particular, we are currently exploring the details of the authentication vector, file download manipulation, and network data manipulation methods.

The potential implications of the ability to execute code on the operating system are far-reaching and the impact will depend on how the vulnerability is exploited. File protectors such as SYScan which are capable of providing a layered defense against known threats could become vulnerable to these kinds of attacks. If this vulnerability is left unpatched, we could see a spike in the discovery of new attacks.

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