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Laid-back and sassy,Next Doordoes not really play like a film about gay teenagers, the central point of this series being that the teacher who leaves for uni should have done so a year earlier, and that Jakob has no problems in the district of his non-Hindu background, especially as his foster parent is Hindu. He is probably the most important character to this film in that his struggles to find love are similar to those of the other two men who have left home for university, although the scenes in which he does indeed fall in love with this boy are definitely not lacking in humour, the subtext of this being that it is easier to fall in love in your teens than it is in your twenties. Similarly, the film allows a lot of room for its characters to be explored and if the film is accused of being a one-sided, one-dimensional portrayal of gay and non-gays, it is because the focus of this film and the others is the parents and the loneliness that causes them (along with the influence of the internet). Both the parents and the boy have no problems with Jakobs sexuality, with the mother in particular admitting that she is quite happy to have him as a son.