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Farsi Nevis Maryam Free 71

the farsi free package provides a set of locale-independent libraries, including:

  • conversion to and from the unicode character set, and conversion among unicode encodings.

  • a unicode character set implementation, with character set name tables, surrogate character conversion, and unicode character equivalence tests.

  • an off-side (bidi) algorithm for the right-to-left direction (arabic, hebrew, and urdu).

  • a uax#29 date format parser for the persian calendar.

  • a converter to and from the persian numeric character set (pncs).

  • two character set normalization implementations, one for the persian and one for the unicode-arabic directional classes.

the farsi free source code also includes a number of scripts and tools. these are available separately for the following script-related things:

  • a library of farsi language-dependent word break dictionaries, which support both bidi and unicode support.

  • a library of farsi language-dependent letter break dictionaries, which support both bidi and unicode support.

  • a library of unicode-compatible character equivalence tests.

  • a library of persian numeric character set (pncs) compatibility tables.

farsi free is a package of user-interface tools based on the unicode locale data base. its goal is to provide a complete set of the locale data required to build a farsi context-sensitive user-interface.

in fact, there is a new farsi interface on the website, and it’s free to use. the free interface is still in beta (in testing) and you can use it for free. the full interface is for paid users and will be released soon.

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