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The game contains a number of stories about the characters who possess the Tarnished Ring, the characters who befriended them, and the characters that the characters hate. The series is based on the fantasy fantasy novel “The New Fantasy Action RPG” by J.C.Staff, released in Japan in 2013, and will be released in English in the United States in August 2014. J.C.Staff consists of many world famous creators including scenarios writers Mihara Yasuko (Fullmetal Alchemist, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood) and Takeshi Koujou (Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Revolutionary Girl Utena). [Performance] CPU 1. Pentium IV 4th Generation (3.6 GHz) 2. Intel Core i7 4th Generation (3.6 GHz) 3. Pentium III (3.2 GHz) System Memory 1. 4 GB DDR3 2. 8 GB DDR3 3. 10 GB DDR3 Harddisk 1. 340 GB Disc 1: 1. English 2. Japanese 3. Thai Disc 2: 1. English 2. Japanese 3. Thai Disc 3: 1. English 2. Japanese 3. Thai Disc 4: 1. English 2. Japanese 3. Thai Characters and World 1. Characters 2. World Modes 1. Campaign Story & Background 1. Explanation of the Characters and World Technology 1. Equipment Other 1. Interface What’s New in the Version of (4.00.00) 1. English-language version and English text-only version added. 2. Chromatic Chromatic and Chromatic Mega Balance adjustments made. 3. Unlimited High-Sky Razor Wings and High-Sky Leaps adjustments made. 4. High-Sky Razor Wing, High-Sky Leaps, and High-Sky Leap adjustments made. 5. HP boost adjustments made. 6. Chromatic Mega Attack adjustments made.


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • An integral online element that lets you connect with other players and commune with them regardless of time and location.
  • A premium comprehensive support team
  • Character creation options
  • Set dozens of classes, races, and development skills
  • Six types of maps
  • Tons of items with classes
  • Over 100 monsters and weapons
  • Two massive dungeons
  • Creation/development/maintenance operations
  • Seven powerful laws
  • We hope you will take part in the development of the game, and as you explore this new fantasy drama the illusion that someone else is trying to control your destiny shatters, and you take up the responsibility of being an Elden Lord, with your soul and blade at your disposal.”

    Development team:

    Elden Ring Studio


    • Production Director: Ian MacRae
    • Senior Producer: Sean Larkin
    • Engineer: Koo-hyun Han
    • Programmer: Seoungwon Kim
    • Producer: Seung-ho Choi

    Business and IT

    • Accounting: Brian Joiner
    • Writing: Andrew C. Murphy, Ian MacRae

    Support team:



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    by Niekola *Your sound is on and your mic is set to on. Be sure to mute or turn down the mic during battles.* Not available in EU or German regions. “It was a long, boring trek. And on the way to find the Dragon Lord, we eventually came to a deeply ancient building from the Dragon’s past. But when it was opened, it turned out to be a large, round, deep dungeon, with many halls and a maze-like path to navigate. So I went deeper inside to take a look around the rest. While I was exploring, a huge Great Unclean Dragon came out and said, “Stop in the name of the Dragon King, demon!” And then… A huge dragon appeared! It was a clearly Great Unclean Dragon, and he said “Stop in the name of the Dragon King, Demon!”. I heard this and ran right back. If I had stopped, the Dragon Lord would have chased after me and it would have turned into an intense battle. But instead, I ran back and when I got back to the entrance, there were many Great Unclean Dragons waiting, a good 10 in a row. There was no way I could escape by running right back, and in the end, I was forced to turn and fight. I must say I was a bit confused, like “What am I fighting? A dragon? A giant?” In the end, I was dealt a hand, so I just had to accept it and fight it. I started out with the axe in my right hand and the shield in my left. And since I am a Kaivo, I have armor to protect my body. But the group was a hero-type who had three dragons with them. So I was fighting three amazing dragons, and three of them were just rushing at me, one by one. My group quickly attacked and attacked back. I was worried they would all rush at me at once, but luckily they just kept attacking with one after the other. However, in the end, I started to notice their attacks were perfectly synchronized. I mean, it’s such a complex thing to perform perfectly synchronized movements. So I was really impressed. Then a legendary head dropped in front of me, and it said “You have no chance in a fight with me. I’m the strongest in the Lands Between. I’ll bff6bb2d33


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    [Online Gameplay] ■ Features of ELDEN RING Game 1. Online game which you can join directly with others or play asynchronously with a friend. 2. You can directly connect with another player, share the world with others, and more. 3. We add new information to the Land Between at the end of each week. ■ Online Gameplay (1) Each player starts with the task of gathering items and fighting. *You can choose the following three roles ※ Boss: You can only battle with other bosses, and they don’t need to fight. ※ ELDEN: This role is your first role that is accompanied by a special item. You can attack all enemy party members as long as you are in range. ※ ELF: This role is your second role. It lets you attack all enemy party members. ※ ELF: While in this role, you can use moves that are similar to strong special attack. ※ ELF: As the role you play, you will gain experience points when you attack an enemy. You can also create your own items and battle. ※ “Who To Watch?”: During battle, you can choose which party member to watch. ※ “Who To Watch?”: During battle, you can choose which party member to watch. This function is only available for players who have received the story. (2) If you choose the role of ELDEN, you have a chance to roll a special weapon. (3) Each player can receive an item at random, excluding the item that the player gains in the role of an ELF that is in the group of the player. ■ Character and Guild Development 1. The development of each character is placed in the Lands Between. You can develop your character by completing quests. 2. “Fancy Equipment” will be added to the item list. 3. “Guilds and Guild Recruitment” will be added. You can recruit guild members in the guild, or if they come, they will join the guild for you. 4. “Field Quest” will be added to the item list. You can access the functions and bonuses of your comrades from the field. 5. Please note the development of character classes will be released in the future. ■ Recommendation – If you are going to use “Who To Watch?” or “Fancy


    What’s new:

    TO THE END is an epic fantasy adventure guaranteed to unite people with fun gameplay and astounding graphics. Players around the world will be able to share the thrill of sharing in the experience of what it means to be a great hero that leads the people of the Elden Ring to glory.


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    1. Click on the download link and download and install it and open it after installation. 2. In the crack folder of the installation there is a readme file, open it and read it. 3. Install the game when it asks for the installation path. 4. Put the map file and the other files in the directory. 5. Run the file that opens, the game will open and play. 6. If you have any problem or would like to give any feedback, post a comment below. 7. Thanks for your time and continue your adventure. 8. Have fun with the game and may the gems be with you. Main Features: Dishonored – Dirty Prey Email this page Version 1.1 (.zip) Released September 5, 2017 Updated September 5, 2017 This is the main version of the game of the Crack where there are various technical changes. You can download it directly from link below. The game has Steam achievements..Q: How to get the selected row index in a DataGridView in C# I have a DataGridView in which i select the first item by double clicking an item in the DataGridView, i need to capture the index of the selected row in the DataGridView in C#. I have tried the following code but it only returns -1 as a result. private void dataGridView_DoubleClick(object sender, EventArgs e) { int selectedRowIndex = dataGridView.SelectedRows[0].Index; } A: Here’s the solution that worked for me in the end, which returns the row index and is the best I could come up with: private void dataGridView_DoubleClick(object sender, EventArgs e) { var rowindex = this.dataGridView.SelectedRows[0].Index; } Note that this will work whether the DataGridView is set to be ReadOnly (none of the rows are editable) or not. This is a brilliant idea, but the price is over-the-top. I think this cell phone is over 500 EUR at least. And if I were to get this, I’d probably have to travel on


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