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[DvD – Ita] Il Capo Dei Capi – 1 ((FREE))



[DvD – Ita] Il Capo Dei Capi – 1

il capo dei capi is a six-part italian miniseries which debuted on canale 5 between october and november 2007. it tells the story of salvatore riina, alias tot u curtu, a mafioso boss from corleone, sicily. riina is played by palermo-born actor, claudio gio, and the series was directed by alexis sweet and enzo monteleone. the film is inspired from the eponymous book-inquiry of giuseppe d’avanzo and attilio bolzoni. the series was broadcast in the uk in spring 2013 on the sky arts channel, retitled corleone and split into 12 one-hour episodes.

if you’ve played power grid, you’ll have a similar concept of just adding up the power and determining your win condition. what sets capo dei capi apart from the other power grid game however, is that your opponent might not tell you he’s using a different power, he might randomly choose from all of them. so there is a chance that he might be using a very strong power that you might not expect to be able to beat. i think thats what makes it even more interesting.

the great thing about capo dei capi is that it is quite easy to pick up. but then again, it takes a bit of time to really learn how to use all the powers in a clever way, especially when you do get the tokens.

however, capo dei capi is not a game that you can pick up and play in an afternoon, and it certainly isnt a game for the beginner. it takes a bit of patience and a good attitude to get the most out of it.

a game like capo dei capi, where you have to sit down and think about all your options before actually rolling, is not the sort of game you can play sitting in a bar while watching the game on tv. and thats what makes it perfect. its like rolling in your own little world and just taking it a turn at a time. i love it.

after the shooting, the second player will order a colpo di mafioso (mafia shoot), and so on, with the last player to order being the winner. a mafia shoot is a kill, but you can only order a kill if you have enough bullets. in capo dei capi, each player must have two bullets (or three if they choose to have more) for every mafia shoot he orders. the former capo of the cosa nostra, salvatore ‘toto’ riina, one of the worlds most notorious criminals, died in prison in the northern italian town of parma at the age of 87 after a long fight with cancer and heart disease a far cry from his heyday when he oversaw pubic bloodbaths, assassinations and waged brutal feuds with other mafiosi trying to topple him. l’intero gioco si gia’ presentato in una precedente edizione con il titolo di capo dei capi. in questa versione prodotta dagli stessi autori (cheetah interactive) c’e’ una ultima versione in formato dvd con il titolo di capo dei capi. l’intero gioco si gia’ presentato in un precedente edizione con il titolo di capo dei capi e l’analoga e’ una versione autorizzata. australia released, pal/region 0 dvd: it will not play on standard us dvd player. you need multi-region pal/ntsc dvd player to view it in usa/canada: languages: italian ( dolby digital 2.0 ), english ( subtitles ), widescreen (1.78:1), special features: 3-dvd set, interactive menu, scene access, synopsis: the story of the mafia, or cosa nostra has been told many times in the history of cinema and television, but this production for canale 5 in italy lifts the bar very high. it does so in terms of detail, of drama and makes no bones at all about the ruthlessness of the corleone clan. over 6 feature length episodes, we see the events that saw toto riina grow from a poor young kid to the man that controlled the families of first corleone, then palermo, then further afield. the cast is huge and of the highest quality. claudio gioe plays toto riina, a strangely calm man for the most part, but with a heart full of vengeance. his childhood friend, biagio chiro is played by daniele liotti. disc 1: 1943 to 1959 1963 to 1969 disc 2: 1969 to 1978 1979 to 1981 disc 3: 1982 to 1987 1988 to capo dei capi – 3-dvd set ( il capo dei capi ) 5ec8ef588b