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This is an open source and free software, which means that there is not any restriction on the use or distribution. You can use it without any permission. The best part about it is that it has support for multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux. The graphics developed with this application are super and unique. You can use it in most of the fields that demand the graphical representation of the objects.

All the files that are present in the above-mentioned site are stolen from other site (mainly the The Pirate Bay), so this site acts as a mirror to the above site. FileCR also provides links to the torrents that are hosted on the The Pirate Bay, so you can go and download the torrent file directly from this site, and you are done with it.

PeerGuardian is a commercial torrent tracker site, which follows the standards of The Pirate Bay and H33T and means they have been pirating software. It is similar to The Pirate Bay and H33T in many ways. PeerGuardian has a lot of cracked software torrents available for download and also has a forum that is fairly active with a lot of cracked software discussions going on. PeerGuardian does not host any contents themselves.

EzTV is a private tracker that is completely dedicated to video-related content, which means movies and tv shows mainly. They do not have any fancy features like popular torrent sites do, but they are reliable and have a huge collection of movies and tv shows available for download. There are lot of super cracked tv shows like Game of Thrones series, The Walking Dead, and a lot more. And don’t forget to check YIFY section for movies, which has a wide collection of rare and new releases.