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Al Qaeda Al Noorania Pdf Downloadgolkes __EXCLUSIVE__



Al Qaeda Al Noorania Pdf Downloadgolkes


Al Qaeda Al Noorania PDF Downloadgolkes

(UPDATED BELOW FOR 404 ERRORS) There’s been a little bit of a mix-up over this PDF of Al-Qaeda Al-Noorania. When the PDF downloaded to my computer I couldn’t open it – I kept getting a 404 Not Found error. It had too many ads, which I don’t typically find in PDFs (not that I don’t sometimes run into them, but this was a pdf of an eye-opening slideshow on al-Qaida, so I was a bit skeptical of the PDF at first). However, the PDF was apparently downloaded on May 31st (from the original link on the PDF on and I was able to open it on June 14th, only two weeks later. I’m not sure why it took longer for me to open it, but it apparently was downloaded multiple times over the past few weeks, and it appears that it was opened by others too. I’m not sure what happened as far as the ad problems, but I’ve edited out the ads as best as I can (which isn’t very good, but hopefully it’s not too distracting). I’m also doing the same with the first slide which contains the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant logos. The files were edited in MS Word, and the only changes were to remove the logo (which was a complete mess anyway) and then replace it with a marker to show where it should be. We’ll just be happy that the PDF is accessible and contains everything.

To download the PDF above, simply click on the image or the link to the document below.

For those who cannot view the PDF above, the main al-Qaida pdf file is here.

UPDATE – The Al Qaeda PDF is accessible again. However, I’m still getting a 404 error on the 1st slide. That means I need to find out why it’s a 404 error, and fix that. I’ll post more as I learn more. I’ve also posted more information here:


Introduction: The al-Qaeda Network and the Global Jihad. Constructing the al-Qaeda Network: The All-Too-Human Network in the Global Jihad:.
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