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the brush tool is one of the most powerful tools in photoshop. with the tool, you can easily create a brush that changes the look of an image. you can select, edit, create and save different brushes. you can make the brush soft, medium, hard or rough.

it is easy to upload photos to social media sites on the go. adobeblocks the uploads with the adobe photoshop creative cloud apps and services, making it simple to add artwork to facebook, instagram, and twitter. it is now even easier to share and manage your creative media on all your favorite social media sites.

adobe photoshop cc (2018) also comes with a 3d feature called adobe 3d warehouse which can be used to create 3d models. it gives the user the ability to import a 3d model from the cloud and edit it locally. one can create and manipulate 3d models in 3d studio, link the models to adobe illustrator and photoshop, and easily update the models with the latest changes.

adobe 3d warehouse is an online service that gives users the ability to make a 3d model from a 3d file in the cloud. the latest 3d warehouse release allows users to import an obj file and start working on the 3d model immediately.

adobe photoshop cc 2018 is bundled with adobe speedgrade pro for video editing. the software lets the user to edit and refine videos and stabilize shaky footage. as an added benefit, it also lets you work on multiple projects at once, create and render optimized video formats, and more.

adobe photoshop cc 2018 is the first release of the software with the mercury graphics engine which is a new rendering engine and feature that is built on the open source cairo graphics library. it works on all macos releases and is compatible with all the latest hardware. this release comes with a revamped interface and performance.